Kitchen Manager


VILLAGE ICE CREAM IS HIRING! We are looking for an independent, diligent, patient, and enthusiastic new member to join our kitchen team!

A typical day in the life of a Village Ice Cream Kitchen Lead involves overseeing the functions related to churning out the best ice cream in town. The Kitchen Lead is responsible for all aspects of managing ice cream makers in their day to day to ensure the production of consistent (and mad tasty) ice cream.

Our Kitchen Lead…

  • …has a passion for managing and leading staff
  • …is enthusiastic about the Village Ice Cream brand
  • …has a willingness to learn how to craft ice cream

Kitchen Lead Responsibilities

  • Effectively advise and manage back-of-house team on daily preparation and production
  • Collaborate with the Ice Cream makers and Store Manager to run an awesome scoop shop
  • Make awesome consistent ice cream, sorbets, and toppings daily
  • Keep back-of-house areas professional, clean, and organized
  • Participate and contribute in meetings and discussions concerning product development, company wide initiatives, and special projects
  • Manage ingredient and kitchen supply inventory
  • Follow health, safety, and sanitation guidelines with care
  • Curate a plethora of bad ice cream puns

Note: Our Kitchen Manager needs to have the ability to stand eight hours a shift and lift up to 50 pounds.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to and include KITCHEN MANAGER in the subject line.