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Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023

Crème Brulée (V)

There’s nothing more satisfying than cracking through a crème brulée’s crispy, caramelized top into a creamy custard base. Trust us when we say this vegan version of crème brulée is just as creamy as its dairy counterpart.  We’ve made a rich, custard-like, vanilla soy/coconut milk base and tossed in caramelized sugar bits for a sweet surprise as you dig into this iconic dessert inspired flavour.


Soy milk (Organic soy base (filtered water, organic soybeans), Organic cane sugar, Vitamin and mineral blend (calcium carbonate, zinc gluconate, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, riboflavin (B2), vitamin B12), Coconut cream (extracted coconut, water, guar gum, sucrose ester, sodium carboxy, methyl cellulose, xanthan gum, sodium metabisulfite), Sugar, Canola oil, Water, Caramelized sugar bits (sugar), Vanilla custard powder (sugar, modified corn starch, sodium phosphates, salt, modified vegetable oil, xanthan gum, Mono-and diglycerides, artificial flavours, tartrazine, sunset yellow FCF, BHA), Vanilla extract, Vanilla seeds, Gum.