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Two Hills Earl Grey

What’s your name?

Do you have any nick-names?
Not any that are very polite.

What do you do?
I run the Kent of Inglewood in Calgary. A place that specializes in traditional shaving and axes.

What is your dream job?
Well, I quite enjoy my job now, but I would love to run a fancy hotel much like the Grand Budapest.

Born in YYC?
I was, I grew up right in the Beltline, actually.

What do you love most about Calgary?
I’ve always just enjoyed the feeling of the City and the location in the country. But right now I really like all the little pockets of culture that have really infected the city and made it far more interesting and mature than it used to be.

How would you describe your (fashion) style?
I would say relaxed formal. I enjoy dressing up, but I try not to look to stuffy. And as much Edwardian and Victorian flair as I can get into it.

Does anyone influence your style?
Not in a style way. I’ll just see images of somebody or of a certain style and take components of that and add it to my own repertoire.

What’s the latest TV series that you’ve binge-watched?
That was Taboo with Tom Hardy. Yep, he’s my favourite.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I’d like to go back to Scandinavia, for sure; it’s beautiful. Or anywhere with ancient history and architecture to check out. Europe, the middle east, east Asia, like all over.

What is your first or best memory of Village Ice Cream?
My first memory was going in to get the hot fudge sundae and getting three cherries on it, which is exactly how I like my Manhattans.

What location?
Garrison Corner.

What’s your favourite flavour and why?
My favourite flavour actually, just to have on its own, is earl grey. I am a fan of subtlety, whether it’s flavour or style. I like how well balanced it is.

If you could share a Village Ice Cream with anyone in the world, who would it be?
The first person that comes to mind is the philosopher Albert Camus, but he’d probably ask for a weird flavour like cigarette. So maybe, H.P. Lovecraft because he’s one of my favourite writers.