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Phil & Sebastian Coffee

What’s your name?

Do you have any nick-names?
Not too many. “Dad” and “Sebby.”

What do you do?
I run a local coffee company here in town, so I oversee five coffee shops and a wholesale business.

Did your business start in Calgary?
It started in Calgary, yes.

What is your dream job?
I think my dream job would be to be a professional athlete, but knowing that that’s not a job that I can simply apply for I’ll stick with what I have, I think it’s a pretty good dream job.

If you could’ve picked any sport, what would it have been?

Born in YYC?

What brought you to Calgary?
My parents and family are here. So it was mostly just running away from just a bad economic situation in Argentina.

Where are you from?
I was born is Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When did you come to Calgary?
In 1990.

What do you love most about Calgary?
I love the spirit of the city. It’s youthfulness and willingness to embrace new things.

How would you describe your (fashion) style?

Are you influenced by anyone?
Yeah, I think so. I think I’m influenced by a lot of people: I’m influenced by some individuals in the coffee world that I admire, I’m influenced by some business people that I think have done some really good things, I’m influenced by athletes that have endured some difficult moments in their lives.

What’s the latest TV series that you’ve binge-watched?
Silicon Valley.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I did a brief stint in southeast Asia, and I really, really loved that. so I think that’s up there on my list for me, to really explore southeast Asia.

What is your first or best memory of Village Ice Cream?
My best memory of Village was taking my daughter, who’s now ten, when she was pretty little, and convincing her that she could try other flavours other than cotton candy and winning her over with salted caramel. That was probably my best. My first memory was Billy bringing his sample ice creams to my office to see what I thought of the coffee one he was making, and he brought salted caramel and cardamom. I was really impressed by the salted caramel, and really blown away by the cardamom.

What’s your favourite flavour and why?
If I’m telling the truth, my favourite flavour is probably the cardamom. I just find it really unique in ice cream. I’d never come across cardamom flavoured ice cream before, and I find it balanced, not overly sweet. And I like that floral thing that it has.

If you could share a Village Ice Cream with anyone in the world, who would it be?
I mean, realistically, of people who I can realistically share it with, not like, fictional people or people that I don’t know, probably some of my friends in Argentina. Argentina has a really strong ice cream culture, so I’d want to share it with them. My cousin who is a big foodie in Argentina has come a few times, I’ve always brought him to village just to get validated a little bit by him, just because they really do know their ice cream. So yah, I would probably bring some of my foodie friends from Buenos Aires.