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Sunday, March 3, 2024


  • Mango (GF) (contains dairy, eggs)
  • Banana Toffee Crunch (GF) (contains dairy, eggs, soy, nuts)
  • White Rabbit (GF) (contains dairy, eggs)
  • Red Velvet Layer Cake (contains dairy, eggs, gluten)
  • Boozy Double Fudge Brownie (pints only) (contains dairy, eggs, gluten, soy)
  • Strawberry Matcha (V, GF) (contains soy, sulphites)
  • Iced Capp (V, GF) (contains soy, sulphites)
  • Biscoff Cookie (V) (contains gluten, soy, sulphites)
  • Blueberry-Lavender Crumble (V, GF) (contains soy, sulphites)

    Garrison Corner

    2406 34th Ave SW
    Calgary Alberta T2T 2C8


    Summer (May – Sept)
    11:00AM – 11:00PM 7 days/week

    Winter (Oct – Apr)
    11:00AM – 10:00PM Sun – Thu
    11:00AM – 11:00PM Fri – Sat

    Holiday Hours
    December 24, Christmas Eve: 11:00AM – 4:00PM
    December 25, Christmas Day: CLOSED
    December 31, New Year’s Eve: 11:00AM – 4:00PM
    January 1, New Year’s Day: CLOSED


    Established: 2016. Our Garrison shop is part of the vibrant retail district of family-friendly Marda Loop. We’ve got piles of street parking and great neighbourhood shops to explore. Like all our locations, this one is small, energetic, fun and friendly. With large fold-out windows onto a rather fancy bench seat patio, it’s a great place for meeting, greeting and eating.

    All the ice cream we scoop here is made right here, on location.

    What’s Happening At



    A brand-new dairy-free flavour creation! Lightly sweetened Matcha, ground tea powder from the leaves of young green tea plants, is combined with a swirl of house-made strawberry jam for the perfect blend of earthy tea and vibrant berry flavours. (Contains soy, sulphites)

    📍Available in scoops and pints all month long.

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    ☕ ICED CAPP (V) ☕

    What could be more refreshing than an Iced Capp, it’s a classic! Our non-dairy base is churned with freshly ground Phil & Sebastian coffee for a creamy and indulgent caffeinated treat with a Village twist. (Contains soy, sulphites)

    📍Available in scoops and pints all month long.

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    Inspired by the dessert, “Banoffee pie”, it starts with a caramelized banana, sweet cream base churned with caramel sauce, crunchy little pieces of toffee and bits of a buttery, brown-sugar streusel topping. It’s a banana’y, caramel’y, dangerously delicious combination. (Contains dairy, eggs, soy, nuts)

    📍Available in scoops and pints all month long.

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    🥭 MANGO 🥭

    It’s back, and this pure and simple flavour is a taste of the tropics in scoop format! Made with pure mango puree and our creamy sweet cream base. Celebrate spring with each mouthful of delicious fruity bliss! (Contains dairy, eggs)

    📍Available in scoops and pints all month long.

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    Last chance to get your hands on this line up!

    ☕️ Biscoff Cookie (V)
    🐇 White Rabbit
    🫐 Blueberry-Lavender Crumble (V)
    🎂 Red Velvet Layer Cake

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